31 Days 31 Trans Voices|Day 2: Sylvia Shaw, Picture-Perfect

Born and raised in Glasgow, Sylvia Shaw at Crannog Photography is a Post-Operative Transsexual photographer with a passion for the spectacular landscapes of her native Scotland, an interest which started from an early age visiting family near Stirling.

Later, in her teens and beyond, during weekends away climbing and hiking around the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, as well as other leisure pursuits including competing and officiating at various motorsport events, including rallying, which took her to many other remote forest locations around Central and Southern Scotland, England, and Wales. She would always have a camera tucked away in her rucksack with which to capture the images and memories of the places she visited and still enjoys visiting to the present day.

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As well as her photography, Sylvia also enjoys History, Astronomy, Neolithic Archaeology, listening to music, playing her guitars and is a self-confessed sci-fi and fantasy geek.

Leaving it till later in life, Sylvia didn’t start her transition till March 2003 at the age of 40 and eventually underwent full Gender Reassignment Surgery in August 2006. Now 13 years post op she happily admits that there has never been a day when she has ever woken up regretting transitioning.

Sylvia Shaw | Photo Crannog Photographic

If transition has taught her one thing it’s, “If you have a dream, live it.” It doesn’t matter whether it’s setting up your own business, climbing Mount Everest, or kayaking down the Amazon River; make it happen, because one day instead of saying, “I wish I could…” you may find one day that it’s too late and instead you’ll be saying, “I wish I had done…when I had the chance.”

You only get one crack at life. Only you can make it happen so get out there and live it.

More of Sylvia’s photography can be found on her website at: www.crannogphotographic.com/

For those who might be interested, Sylvia’s prints can be purchased from her online shop at: www.deviantart.com/crannogphotographic/prints/

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