31 Days 31 Trans Voices | Day 6: Miles Santoscoy, Connecting Through Art

Art can inspire, educate, relieve stress; and art can be empowering. Art tells stories and art helps people connect.

When faced with the bigotry and violent intimidation in our society, transgender artists often create images to empower their communities and normalize the intricacies of their own life experiences. Miles Santoscoy is transgender, and he is an artist.

Miles Santoscoy

We share Miles’ truth is his own voice,

“My name is Miles Santoscoy and I’m a transgender male (he/him) currently preparing for the transition from my senior year of high school to my new college experience at Webster University in Missouri. I’m 18 years old and seeking a degree in Graphic Design and/or Theatre Arts. My biggest passion as well as emotional outlet is my art. Throughout my teenage experience I’ve found art has connected me to so many friends who have given me endless support and love throughout my transition and beyond. As a result, my goal for the future is to create a meaningful legacy through my art and enable trans/LGBT+ youth to find a community in which they are accepted and appreciated as unique individuals with their own talents and stories to tell.”

Miles shares his art with us.

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Anyone wishing to connect with Miles can reach him via his Facebook or Art page.

Miles Santoscoy Facebook

Miles’ Art Page

Terry Willits

Trans Speak's Editor-in-Chief is an international mixed media artist, writer, LGBTQ advocate, coffee snob, dog dad, and FTM transgender - but not necessarily in that order, who practices what he posts. A native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa; he now does the writing thing from St. Louis, Missouri. You should check out his work - it's recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend stuff.

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