31 Days 31 Trans Voices | Day 24: Laura Jane Grace, Raw

Laura Jane Grace is an American musician, songwriter, author, and activist. She is best known as the founder, songwriter, guitarist, and frontwoman of the iconic Naples, Florida punk rock band Against Me!. In addition to Against Me!, she fronts the band Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers, a solo endeavor she began in 2016. The Bloodshot Records signee has a more intimate, singer-songwriter feel yet sustains Grace’s signature howl and kinetic punk energy. She is considered one of the greatest voices of our time.

Since coming out in 2012 as transgender in an interview with Rolling Stone, Grace, who has made Chicago her home since her transition, has become a public representative for transgender awareness and the gender revolution and unleashed an artistic renaissance.

Laura Jane Grace | Photo by Alex Boerner

In 2014, Against Me! released the stellar Transgender Dysphoria Blues. Grace served as the Music Director of MTV’s Rebel Music series focusing on global social change while simultaneously releasing a 10-episode, Emmy-nominated docuseries on AOL called True Trans With Laura Jane Grace.

Grace dropped an autobiography, 2016’s Tranny: Confessions of Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout written with Dan Ozzi. In Tranny, the provocative transgender advocate provides a searing account of her search for identity and her true self. This unique story is one of Billboard‘s “100 Greatest Music Books of All Time’ and a must-read for both music and queer-lit fans.

Grace hit us with another incredible Against Me! album, 2016’s Shape Shift with Me, introduced a new project, The Devouring Mothers, and had her share of adventures with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Rivers Cuomo.

In her albums Transgender Dysphoria Blues and Shape Shift With Me, the 2017 APMAs Icon Award winner examines the highs and lows that come with becoming who you are and how society reacts to gender dysphoria and transgender people. Each song is raw no-holds-barred well-crafted storytelling.

Grace andthe Devouring Mothers, released their debut LP, Bought to Rot, in 2018.  Against Me!’s next album will arrive in 2020. “Right now, I’m trying to grasp and struggle with the idea of, ‘All right, how do you record and release an album in 2020 and not have it be completely eclipsed by the election?’” Grace told Rolling Stone.

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Against Me! has scheduled a 2020 tour, but unfortunately has to postpone their March and April dates due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

To keep up with tour date changes and all things Against Me! you can follow them on their website or on Twitter @againstme or Instagram @againstme.

Laura Jane Grace is at @LauraJaneGrace on Twitter and @laurajanegrace on Instagram.

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