31 Days 31 Trans Voices | Day 11: Beth Bierman, A Personal Transition

Many artists are visual story tellers. Beth Bierman is such an artist. Beth takes those of us willing to walk with her by the hand and leads them down the path that has been her transition – her experience. Prepare to be moved and enveloped in the journey.  

I am a degree holding but desperately unfocused artist, technology instructor, parent and grandparent and I am a trans woman. My art has always followed a whimsical path, sometimes cartoons, sometimes abstracts, photography, design, and a lifelong hobby of model building.

I started my transition in 2019 and I am finding not just myself but also a newfound desire to reach out to others as part of our amazing community.

Artist Beth Bierman

Beth lets us in on the personal significance of the image that she has entrusted to us.

“The piece of art I shared represents the past year of my life. It is the most personal work I have done in over a decade. I hope that others find familiarity and comfort in the sharing of my experience.”

The image itself may tell Beth’s story; but, perhaps viewers can wrap this around their own transition.

Beth Bierman | Photo Beth Bierman Facebook

There is more art to be found on Beth’s Facebook page.

Terry Willits

Trans Speak's Editor-in-Chief is an international mixed media artist, writer, LGBTQ advocate, coffee snob, dog dad, and FTM transgender - but not necessarily in that order, who practices what he posts. A native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa; he now does the writing thing from St. Louis, Missouri. You should check out his work - it's recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend stuff.

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