31 Days 31 Trans Voices | Day 10: Sihn Starr Rossi, Enter My World

Name: Sihn Starr Rossi

Designation: Polymath

Pronouns: She/Her preferred, They/Them accepted

Occupation: Artist, Musician, Writer, Troll Holy Priestess, Shit Disturber

Pseudonyms: Samantha Vail, Adrianna Rathbeech, K.A. Whoretoilet

As a multidisciplined artist, Sihn has a number of projects in the work at any given time. Currently she shares these with us:

Music | The Coil of Sihn:

The Coil of Sihn was formed in St. Louis, Missouri in 2002 by trans-feminine artist Sihn Starr Rossi. Out of Rossi’s handwritten journals came the concept that backdrops the music which is influenced by Nine Inch Nails, Judas Priest, Crass, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Depeche Mode, Black Sabbath and Electric Light Orchestra. The concept is an Earth-like world where those who are born marked for a Sentinel Path are tested in a place of trial and survival, The Coil, where freedom and destiny is only granted if you can escape.

This world helped Sihn deal with her horrific past of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation.

“I use my scars to show people that have been through similar circumstances that you can have your own life…”

Sihn Starr Rossi

“I use my scars to show people that have been through similar circumstances that you can have your own life…you can have your own normal…,” shares Sihn, “what has been taken is great, but what can be taken back is far greater than…”

Sihn  is the only constant member of the band. When recording, Rossi is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and writes all of the lyrical content. She also creates all of the artwork for the album covers and controls the entire direction of the music.

For a live performance, Rossi assembles a team of players to create a theatrical and powerful, performance art vaudeville stage show that admits the crowd into the beautiful yet painful world that is The Coil Of Sihn.

The most recent release by The Coil Of Sihn is “Covered In Blood And You”, a collection of cover songs arranged and remixed in Rossi’s signature style.

Upcoming, Sihn has two albums in the works for release in 2020-21. The first will be a re-master of selected songs from the first two The Coil of Sihn albums, titled “Re-Enter My World”. Following that release, a full album of new songs will be next, titled “The Fall”. Like all of The Coil of Sihn albums, it is a concept album to continue the story started with their first release.

You can find The Coil Of Sihn on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and all major music retailers.


Sihn will be submitting three new works this year to the seventh annual Transcending the Spectrum art show. “A Summer’s Love” is a mixed media work that memorializes Summer Black. And two prints of drawings and poems that will be in a collection of poetry and art for the upcoming book, “The Cosmos of Us”.

Sihn is also working on two other works in her studio, “The Conversation”, an interactive work using masks; as well as a five-panel painting.


Sihn is working on the first of three books in an episodic series of science fiction titled “Alexander’s Fire”, in which all human life on the planet Terra is at the brink of evolution, revolution or extinction.

Also, Sihn is planning to publish a collection of romantic and love poetry that is hand illustrated titled “The Cosmos Of Us”.

To stay up to date with Sihn’s work, her projects are linked here:

The Coil of Sihn on Twitter

The Coil of Sihn on Facebook

The Coil of Sihn on Bandcamp

The Coil of Sihn at Cd Baby Store

The Coil of Sihn at Apple Music

The Coil of Sihn on SpotifyThe Coil of Sihn on Amazon

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