Violet Austerlitz: The Relentless Daydreamer

Violet Austerlitz (she/her/hers) is an Iowa City based queer, trans artist, printmaker, cartoonist, and relentless daydreamer. She enjoys creating new worlds and telling stories about identity, creatures with big teeth, and the way we relate to things we don’t understand (gender, culture, robots, etc). Coming off her most recent solo show, Notes from a Messy Kitchen, at CSPS in Cedar Rapids, IA. Violet can be found working on her ongoing webcomic series, The Satanic Mechanic.

In the Satanic Mechanic, Violet explores her own identity and the soil in which it grows using digital and traditional media. Her experiences with queerness, change and belonging are depicted through the adventures of a sentient dandelion and a demon mechanic.

Violet received a BA in Theatre from Truman State University in 2011 and loves learning new things. She has traveled as far as the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont to add to her techniques.

A printmaker and cartoonist, Violet is a long-time member of the vibrant group of artists that comprise the Iowa City Press Co-Op (ICPC), a community printmaking studio. As an instructor, she leads workshops in the basics of the intricate technique of letterpress printing. Her basic overview prepares students to take more advanced workshops or create their own projects.

Violet Austerlitz

Young students can also get the lowdown on how to be a swell comic book creator by attending one of Violet’s fascinating workshops in Iowa City when they pop up; where they will receive valuable feedback and guidance into the colorful world of comic book art.

See more of her art at her website Violet Austerlitz.

Want to support Violet’s work? Consider buying her a cup of coffee at ko-fi.

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