Riley Norton: Transforming Community through Dodgeball

While some may have grade school memories of dodgeball games as sanctioned bullying – the strong minimizing the weak at the end of the targeted toss of a rubber ball – that’s not how Riley Norton of Tasmania sees it.

Riley understands how important finding community is during the transitioning process. His search for that support and acceptance during his own transition drove him to build his own team of advocates. Riley wanted to create space where transgender young people and adults could celebrate their diversity and champion their identities.

Riley created ‘The Transformers’ dodgeball team. Building on targeted promotion on transgender support groups on social media, at his workplace and in the community, Riley worked to create an environment for the like-minded. His planning and organizing paid off and soon ‘The Transformers’ grew to a team of at least 30 players.

Riley Norton Source: The Feed

Team members are also enthusiastic about their dodgeball community; and the support for space where everyone can live as their authentic self continues to grow as players share their experiences with others, encouraging them to join.

Riley tells The Feed, “I have really loved spending time with each and every one of the players, watching them grow as individuals, dodgeball players, and being able to share in their journey as they transition into their ideal self. Sometimes that’s achieved with hormone replacement therapy and sometimes it’s achieved with having a community who believes in you!”

‘The Transformers’ continues to grow and is now open to partners and allies of the trans community.


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